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Trade Bitcoin BTCUSD – the KING of Cryptocurrency

Trade Bitcoin BTCUSD
the KING of Cryptocurrency
Competitive trading cost, spread as low as $41
Broker Spread as low as*
BYFX Global 25
Broker A 30
Broker B 38
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Trade Bitcoin BTCUSD –
the KING of Cryptocurrency

Competitive trading cost,
spread as low as $41
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Competitive Trading Cost

We offer competitive spread as low as 41 on Bitcoin (BTCUSD),  which is one of the most competitive offerings in the market.

Access to Deep Liquidity Pools for Bitcoin trading

We are connecting with the world’s most active and deepest cryptocurrency liquidity providers, thus clients will be enjoying speedy order transactions and outstanding trading experience.

More Flexibility on Leverage

Different from owning Bitcoin asset, Bitcoin CFD is an OTC trading product that enables clients to benefit from leverage for using less capital to buy/sell a position. We offer 2:1 of leverage on Bitcoin CFD and clients can easily manage the trading capital with BYFX Global.

Trade with a Broker with Strong Background

BYFX Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBI Group, the leading online financial conglomerate and a listed Group from Japan. We adopt “Client-Centric” philosophy from the group, emphasize on client fund security and competitive offerings to our clients globally.
What’s Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency trading assets. Cryptocurrency are digital assets operated in a decentralized market, independent from central authority such as bank or a government and run across a network of computers.

Bitcoin is currently the most liquid cryptocurrency among all other digital assets and welcomed by many traders globally. You can now trade the king of crypto with BYFX Global – Bitcoin CFD (BTCUSD).

Trading vs. owning Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin in CFD format has multiple advantages. Here is a comparison table between trading Bitcoin CFD and owning the asset for your better understanding. You can make better decisions based on below information.

  CFDs Owning Crypto
Profit from bitcoin price rising
Profit from bitcoin price falling
Trade with leverage
Convenient settlement (in USD)
Trade on volatility, no need to own the digital asset
Safe client asset under strict regulation
Lock in profits and manageable risks

Trading symbol Underlying Asset Denomination Contract size per lot Minimum/maximum
size per lot
Initial margin Spread as low as Trading Time  (GMT+8)
BTCUSD Bitcoin USD 1 bitcoin 0.01/ 1 50% 41 Monday 05:20- Saturday 04:45
Monday 06:20- Saturday 05:45

Trading Symbol XBTUSD
Initial margin 50%
Spread as low as 41
SESSION TIME (GMT+8) Monday 05:20- Saturday 04:45 Summertime Monday 06:20- Saturday 05:45 Wintertime

Frequently Asked Questions

How to trade cryptocurrencies at BYFX Global?
You only need to register for a MT4 trading account to trade the crypto CFDs. We are currently offering the king of crypto – Bitcoin (BTCUSD) at BYFX Global MT4 trading platform.
Is there a swap/financing charge for holding Bitcoin CFD overnight?
BTCUSD does have an overnight funding charge, the daily overnight swap fee (long and short) is displayed at MT4 product specification page. We offer competitive financing charge rate in the market, however, in times of high volatility in the cryptocurrency market, we highly suggest you not holding positions overnight. You can simply right click on any trading product on MT4 and get the specification details. Please note the overnight swap fee is 3 times on Fridays which include the fees over the weekend.
When does Bitcoin CFD available to trade?

For Bitcoin CFD, you can trade below sessions in GMT+8:

Monday 05:20- Saturday 04:45

Monday 06:20- Saturday 05:45

Do I need to have a virtual wallet to trade Bitcoin with BYFX Global?
No, since you are not actually purchasing Bitcoin outright and only trading its value, there is no nee to have a virtual wallet to store them.
What are the risks to bear in mind when trading cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

Highly volatile market
One of the biggest differences of investing in cryptos with other financial products is its extreme volatility, and Bitcoin is the most volatile trading products among all cryptos. Since its launched in 2009, the price of Bitcoin has surged 40,000%. When excess volatility crashes, you can be faced with significantly larger losses than other markets.

Lack of regulation
There is a lack of strong and reputable regulatory institution for digital assets which make cryptocurrencies vulnerable to market conditions. Some countries and local governments even ban its citizens from holding all or specific cryptocurrencies, which may also cause the price of cryptos to collapse. Traders should be cautious on this.

There is a possibility for large-scale cyberattacks on digital assets which may have strong and short-term effect on the price of cryptos.

In summary, trading cryptocurrencies brings in huge opportunities but also bear significant risks. Managing risks well is the first step for professional investors to dive into the cryptocurrency market. Just like investing in all financial products, make sure to prepare well before the investment, learn the incentive of the market volatility so that you can achieve your goal in trading.

What’s the leverage on trading Bitcoin CFD?
To protect our clients from the highly volatile market while maintaining the fun of leverage trading, BYFX Global offers clients leverage of 2:1 for trading Bitcoin CFD, meaning that to trade 1 unit of a Bitcoin, you need 50% of the value of that unit to take a position. But please be aware with increasing leverage there comes with higher risks.
What is the minimum/maximum trade size for Bitcoin CFD?
The minimum trade size is 0.01lot, and the maximum trade size is 1 lot.
What are the maximum positions per account?
You can open a maximum of 5 lots at your trading account.
What is the margin call/cut loss level?
You will receive margin call when the margin level in your account reaches 80%; and your position will be liquidated when the margin level reaches 50%.

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