Clients Fund Fully Segregated and Safe-guarded in Japanese Third-Party Custodian Trust 

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Advantages of Custodian Trust

Japan’s Sophisticated and Mature Trust system

  • The Japanese trust industry has become sophisticated and mature over the last century. Japanese Trust Law enables asset preservation of all FX trading participants in the framework of the trust system.
  • FX Clearing Trust, a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc, is a registered managed trust company (Japan Financial Service Agency JCN 4010401113115) that too is an associate member of the Trust Companies Association of Japan. BYFX Global appoints FX Clearing Trust as its neutral, third-party custodian of client asset.

Professional Auditor as Fund Guarantor

  • Client Funds are deposited with Japanese Trust Account which are audited monthly by third-party auditors.
  • BYFX Global will deposit and entrust the client funds in FX Clearing Trust in a 1:1 ratio.

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Custody of Client Funds, View Official Audit Report Anytime

Clients of BYFX Global can view online the Audit Report by third party professional auditors anytime during the month, and learn more about the status of Client Funds safe-guarded in the Japanese custodian bank.

Professional auditors check the reconciliation of Japanese Custodian Bank balance and the Customer Account liability from BYFX Global on the last trading day of each month. As of June 2019, the result shows that the bank balance is sufficient to cover the customer liability within the reviewing period (check on client portal for the latest result), which means, your fund is protected in the custodian bank account, and there’s no upper limit on the amount of your capital.

To view the monthly audit report, please login to Client Portal from here.

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