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Data Protection Law


Notice relating to the Data Protection Law (“DPL”)

  1. BYFX GLOBAL Co., Limited (“BYFX GLOBAL”) is committed to protecting and safeguarding the privacy, confidentiality and security of individual’s personal information. It is the responsibility of all of our employees to comply with the requirements in DPL. We set out below, among others, what kinds of personal information we collect from you and how we handle such personal information.
  2. It is necessary for you to supply BYFX GLOBAL with your email address in connection with the notification services provided on our website and compliance with any laws, guidelines or requests issued by regulatory or other authorities.
  3. Failure to supply such data to BYFX GLOBAL may result in it being unable to provide the notification services to you or to comply with any laws or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities.
  4. The personal information that we collect and/or hold includes information that you provide to us in forms such as your personal details, contact information and communication records such as your inquiries and our responses.
  5. The personal information collected by BYFX GLOBAL (whether provided by you or any other person) may be used by BYFX GLOBAL for providing notification services to you.
  6. Personal data collected by BYFX GLOBAL relating to you will be kept confidential but BYFX GLOBAL may provide such information (whether provided by you or any other person) to the following parties, within or outside of Cayman Islands, for the purposes set out in paragraph 5 above:
    • any affiliates of BYFX GLOBAL;
    • any director, officer, employee of BYFX GLOBAL or affiliates of BYFX GLOBAL only when carrying out their respective business activities;
    • any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer or other services to BYFX GLOBAL or its affiliates;
    • any professional advisor, insurer or auditor of BYFX GLOBAL or their affiliates;
    • any third party with which you have or propose to have dealings;
    • any person to whom BYFX GLOBAL transfers, assigns or proposes to transfer or assign its interests and/or obligations in respect of the account or any services provided to you;
    • any person to whom BYFX GLOBAL is required by law, regulation, court order or request from any governmental or regulatory body to provide such data.
  7. Cookies are small bits of information that are stored on your computer and that can be accessed by our website. BYFX GLOBAL may use cookies to record your visit to our website for analyzing the number of visitors, general usage patterns and your personal usage patterns and improving your experience. Furthermore, BYFX GLOBAL may set and access cookies on your computer in order that we are able to recognize your device and to retrieve information about your use of our website, enabling us to provide more useful features to you, to tailor the content of our website to suit your interests and, where permitted, provide you with promotional materials or direct marketing based on your usage patterns. You may opt not to accept cookies however you may not be able to utilize our website and its features fully. If you accept cookies, you acknowledge and agree that your information is being collected, stored, accessed and used as stated above.
  8. BYFX GLOBAL may from time to time transfer your personal data outside Cayman Islands for any of the purposes set out in paragraph 5 of this notice including data processing or storage.
  9. You have the right in accordance with the Term of the DPL to:
    • check or enquire whether BYFX GLOBAL holds personal data about you;
    • request access to any such personal data held by BYFX GLOBAL within a reasonable time, in a reasonable manner and in a form that is intelligible;
    • request the correction of your personal data which is inaccurate;
    • ascertain BYFX GLOBAL’s policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personal data held by BYFX GLOBAL; and
  10. BYFX GLOBAL may charge a reasonable fee for processing any data access request.
  11. You may direct any request for access to and/or correction of personal data or for information regarding policies and practices of and the kinds of data held by BYFX GLOBAL or the exercise of any “opt-out” right to the Compliance Officer at BYFX GLOBAL Co., Limited, at 4 th Floor, Harbour Place, 103 South Church Street, P.0. Box 10240, Grand Cayman KY1-1002, Cayman Islands or or via email at cs@byfx.com
  12. Nothing in this notice shall limit the rights of the client under the DPL.

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