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Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

BYFX Global would like to alert the public to concerning potential fraudulent “Trading room broadcast” under the name of “BYFX Global”. This trading broadcast room claimed to be operated by BYFX Global for providing trading signal.
BYFX Global would like to statement as below:

  • BYFX Global did not setup any “Trading room broadcast/ Wechat or QQ group to provide trading signal to client
  • BYFX Global order execution model is straight through processing, the trade quotation and execution are provided by liquidity provider and BYFX does not have conflict of interest to client trades
  • BYFX Global conduct strict client identification verification, the company prohibit the access and operation of account by third party including transfer of fund and placing trades
  • BYFX Global has file the fraud report to relevant authority

Customers are reminded not to provide any personal information to any third party. If there is any suspicious website or unidentified hyperlink, please inform BYFX Global immediately for further verification.
Best regards,
BYFX Global team

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