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BYFX Loyalty Program

BYFX Global
Loyalty Program
Your Benefits and Rewards
10 Points = US$1
BYFX Global
Loyalty Program
Your Benefits and Rewards
10 Points = US$1

Welcome to the BYFX Loyalty Program

BYFX Loyalty Program is a rewards program designed to give you exactly what you want. With Loyalty Program, you get Points every time you trade and make certain amount of deposit. You can use points to convert to Bonus (10 Points = US$1) without redemption limit.

What You Can Redeem


Cash Bonus
10 Points / USD 1


50 Points/1 ticket


20 Points / book


High Priority Services Processing


Personal Manager

How you can get the points




Designed for You

We hope you will enjoy and take full advantage of your benefits and rewards. The program was designed with you in mind.
Our BYFX CS Team is always at your service: (44)-20-8089-5020 or CS@byfx.com.

 Terms and Conditions

BYFX Global Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions


The BYFX Global (“BYFX”) Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Loyalty T&Cs”) is applicable to selective clients of BYFX.

The Loyalty T&Cs are applicable to selective clients of BYFX:

  1. Run an account (except of “demo account”) with BYFX and subject to the present Loyalty T&Cs;
  2. Read and Accept the Loyalty T&Cs; and
  3. Make deposit(s) following (b) above.

For the avoidance of doubt, the selective clients of BYFX are the clients who are selected by BYFX only.
The Loyalty T&Cs are applicable to MT4 accounts only.

By accepting the Loyalty T&Cs, the selective clients shall be eligible to receive Points in accordance with the Loyalty T&Cs.   Points shall be calculated in accordance with the selective clients in combination with the amount deposited and volume traded by the Client in his / her Account within the program period as stated in the Tables below:

Rank – Points required for each Rank up


Points Required









Deposit – Accumulated Points earned for net Deposit amount within 7 Calendar days

Net Deposit Amount
(Within 7 Calendar days)

Accumulative Points Earned









Trade – Points earned for Trading activities


Points Earned / Lot











It is further understood and accepted by the Client that:

  1. Transfers of funds between accounts are NOT considered as deposits for the purposes of the Net Deposit (s) calculation;
  2. Deposit means the deposits made by the selective clients within the Program period. For the avoidance of doubt, any deposits made by selective clients outside of the Program period does not amount to the Deposit. ;
  3. The Rank of selective clients will be reviewed on a weekly basis.  If the Client is allocated as “Standard” , the Client cannot be downgraded further.  If the Client is allocated in “Platinum”, the Client cannot be upgraded further.

Clients current level shall be reviewed and consequently upgraded and / or downgraded within the Program Period.  Clients are required to make deposit / trade within 90 consecutive calendar days against the last deposit made / trade in order for him / her to keep his / her Level.
Should the Client fail to comply with the aforementioned rules at any time, BYFX shall downgrade the Client’s Rank to Standard Client.  All previously earned Points by the client will be forfeited.  Recovery of the forfeited  Points is NOT acceptable, however new  Points will be earned according to deposit status.

Client Deposit
Clients may change Ranks when they make a deposit.  When such deposit is made by the Client, BYFX shall proceed with Rank checks no later than the week after the said deposit.

Trading Activities
Only positions that were opened and closed for more than 10 minutes during the Program period will be counted as trading activity in accordance with the current Loyalty T&Cs.
Client shall receive Points of 1/3/5/7/9 per full completed lot within the Program period depending on the applicable Rank at the time of the closing of the position(s).
The  Points calculated in the applicable Lots shall be added to the Account on a weekly basis.

Points Redemption
Any Points earned can be redeemed at anytime and added to eligible Clients’ Account as Bonus according to the following ratio:
10 Points = USD1 Bonus
Min / Max Amount per conversion: Min USD5 / Max USD100
50 Points = 1 E-Coupon
Min / Max Amount per conversion: Min 1 E-Coupon / Max 10 E-Coupon
Points can be converted within a period of 12 months.  Any unused Points will be forfeited at the end of the 12 months without any compensation.
Under no circumstances shall BYFX be liable for any consequences of any Bonus cancelation or decline, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.
The Bonus is non-transferrable
The Bonus is withdrawable, each USD5 Bonus withdrawal must complete 1 Standard Lot
Each E-Coupon redemption must complete 1 Standard Lot
When a client incurs losses, the losses will be deducted from Bonus.
Arbitrage between different client accounts is strictly prohibited.  BYFX reserves the right to cancel the Bonus and Profit from related accounts immediately.  BYFX also reserves the right at any time, at its absolute discretion, for the explanation of arbitrage if such case being doubted or found.
Any use of EA and / or other automated trading tools, including without limitation, any signals, scalping, arbitrage techniques (internally or externally that been found), are strictly prohibited.  Client will be removed from Points Loyalty Program upon discovery of use of EA and / or other automated trading tools.

In the event of any dispute or misinterpretation of the above applicable Loyalty T&Cs, such dispute or misinterpretation shall be resolved by BYFX, acting in good faith and as it shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, deem fit and proper.  BYFX’s decision shall be final and binding.
BYFX has the right to disqualify any Client who has accepted the current Loyalty T&Cs if:

  1. A breach of any provision(s) of Loyalty T&Cs and / or any term of the Terms of Business occurs;
  2. BYFX has a reasonable ground to believe there is a misuse of the current Loyalty T&Cs;
  3. The Client acts in bad faith and / or abusively and / or fraudulently and / or in a manner that is not in the spirit of the current Loyalty T&Cs.

BYFX reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to discontinue the offering of BYFX Loyalty Program to any of its clients, without having to explain the reasons.
BYFX has the right to alter the Loyalty T&Cs at its sole discretion.  BYFX may suspend or terminate the current Loyalty T&Cs if a situation arises where the conditions are unfair for the participants.  BYFX has the right to suspend or terminate the current Loyalty T&Cs if its continuation is rendered impossible due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of BYFX (natural disasters, political conflicts etc).
By accepting the current Loyalty T&Cs, the Client acknowledges that he / she has read and agreed to be bound by Loyalty T&Cs together with the Terms of Business as well as to all other Business terms and conditions as these may be applicable and / or amended from time to time.  BYFX reserves the right to modify the BYFX Loyalty Program, including this Loyalty T&Cs, at any time.  This includes (but are not limited to) changes such as:

  1. Rank qualification requirements and / or conditions;
  2. The types of benefits accruing to the various Rank (as applicable);
  3. Validity duration of Points; and
  4. Special features, offers and / or promotions (as applicable) that may be available to various Ranks.

Client accepts that he / she is responsible for keeping himself / herself updated on any changes that BYFX may implement to this Loyalty Program from time to time.
Client acknowledges that FX/ CFDs are leveraged products which involve a high level of risk.  When trading in such products, it may be possible that the clients may lose all of their invested capital.  These products may not be suitable for everyone and client should ensure that he / she understands the risks involved.  Client should seek independent advice if necessary.
Notwithstanding the translated language of this document, English version shall prevail.

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