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Negative Balance Protection

Protect you from significant economic events
Never losing more money than you deposited
Protect you from significant economic events
Never losing more money than you deposited

How You Will Get Safeguarded by Our Negative Balance Protection?

During market fluctuation and price gap appears, clients’ trading account may fall below zero and go negative. At BYFX Global, we ensure you are protected from such big movements and you will not lose more money than your deposits.



If your account balance falls below zero, we will bring it back to zero as soon as possible at no cost to Client*


Up to USD10,000

Maximum negative account balance protection of up to USD10,000 per Client* per Account

* Client means non-professional investor clients of BYFX Global

How to Avoid Negative Balance

FX and CFDs market are volatile, you may face situations when market moves drastically and affect your account balance, you may lose more than your deposits. Here are a few preventive measures you may consider in Trading:


Set Your Stop Loss


Be Aware of Your Margin Usage


Gain More Knowledge on Risk Management


Set your Stop Loss


Be Aware of Your Margin Usage


Gain More Knowledge on Risk Management

BYFX Global Negative Account Balance Protection Policy


This policy stipulates the protection provided by the BYFX Global Co., Limited (“BYFX Global”) to its Clients (hereinafter defined) when a negative balance on the client’s account incurred amid the market volatility.

Negative Account Balance Protection means any negative account balance of the Clients incurred due to the normal market conditions will be waived by BYFX Global so that the Clients will not end up with a negative balance in their trading accounts.

This policy ensures that Clients will not lose more than the funds they deposited into their trading accounts.

Negative Balance Protection Policy does NOT apply if:

  • A Force Majeure event occurs*
  • Abnormal price movement during extreme market volatility
  • Government/ Central Bank intervention
  • Abusing the Negative Account Balance Protection


For the avoidance of doubt, “Clients” means non-professional investor clients of BYFX Global. The maximum amount of protection for negative balance shall be USD10,000 or equivalent (“Maximum Amount”) . Regardlesss of the number of account maintained in BYFX Global by the Client, each Client is entitled to Maximum Amount only.

Any abuse of this policy is strictly prohibited.

BYFX Global reserves the right to exclude any clients from this policy in its sole discretion.

* A Force Majeure event is defined in TOB of BYFX Global.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new client, can I join the contest?
Yes, all new and existing clients can join the contest and only need to fulfill the criteria of Eligible Contest Participant.
Can I win the prize from both contest categories in one month?
Each qualified participant can receive prizes up to 3times during the 3-months contest period and up to one category of rewards (Most Active Trader or Most Profitable Trader of the Month) per month. The higher prize amount will be counted and credit to the client’s MT4 account.
How much money do I need to deposit to my account in order to enter the Contest?
For new and existing clients, the initial deposit or minimum balance requirement for the beginning of the Trading Month (first 10 trading days of the Month) is USD500; If you wish to participate in the Trading Contests, please make extra deposit to meet the minimum deposit requirement on or before this date.
If I want to join the Contest for the following month and I have some balance in my account, do I need to deposit again?
If you want to use remaining balance to join the Contest for the following month, please note the minimum balance remain in the account at the beginning of the Month (first 10 trading days of the Month) should be $500 or above. If your balance is less than this amount, please consider making extra deposits on or before this date. BYFX Global reserves the right to disqualify any participant whose account balance does not meet the minimum requirement at the beginning each month.
When will I receive the prize reward if I got into the top 20th place in one month?
Prize will be awarded in USD value in your trading account within 10 working days after the announcement.
Can I enter the Contest mid-month?
The minimum trading days required for receiving the cash prize are 10days, please make sure you reserve enough time to fulfil this requirement.
Will I be notified if I make it to the top of the list?
Yes, BYFX Global will contact all winners within 10 business days of the following month, either by phone or email. Please ensure your contact details are correct.
How are the cash prizes credited? Can I withdraw immediately?
Cash prizes are credited to your BYFX Global trading account. You can either withdraw the prize or use it for future trading.
The Contest does not allow any withdrawal or transferring out of funds, will my withdrawal of cash prize affect my qualification to continue joining the Contest?
If you only withdraw prize rewards and does not withdraw any of your deposited balance, it will not affect your qualification for the Contest.
What’s a Margin Call?
A Margin Call is when your equity drops below your Margin Requirement and may lead to one or more of your open positions be liquidated. At BYFX Global, you will receive Margin Call when your equity falls below 80% of your Margin Requirement. Please pay attention to your account equity level during the Contest. Receiving a “margin call” will disqualify an eligible participant from the Contest for that Month.

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