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Importance Notice: Adjustment in leverage for Specific Currency Pairs

To provide our valued clients with greater financial flexibility, BYFX Global will adjust the leverage of two currency pairs from 5th March 2019. The detail of adjustment is shown as below:

Specification Products New leverage
Leverage AUDUSD
Leverage EURUSD
1:500 (remain unchanged)
Leverage Other 16 currency pairs 1:100 (remain unchanged)

According to the Adjustment in leverage for the above Currency Pairs, please check the open position of your account and the impact of this leverage change. Please note, in accordance to the Term of Business, BYFX Global reserves the right to close the position if the margin is insufficient.

In accordance to the business policy of BYFX Global, BYFX Global will review the leverage terms from time to time. For further details regarding the leverage terms of BYFX Global, please refer to the Term of Business in the service agreement.
Thank you for your attention to the above adjustment.

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