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Security Information


  1. Customers should not log into your account through a public computer.
  2. Customers should never disclose the login information such as [login, password or pin].
  3. Customers should safeguard the [login, password and pin] and keep them secret and confidential.
  4. Customers should not share the [login, password and pin] or allow access or use of the [login, password and pin] by others.
  5. Customers should change your [password and pin] at regular interval.
  6. Customers should avoid to use passwords with your real name, username, or any phrases related to themselves – like address, birthday, school names, or company.
  7. Customers should contact us if they believe your [password and pin] have been compromised.
  8. Customers should install and update the latest version of anti-virus software and operating system on your computer.
  9. Customers should never open email or its attachment from a dubious source.
  10. Customers should avoid to away from your PC without log out from your account.
  11. Customers should log out from your account after use.
  12. Customer should avoid to use Auto complete on BYFX Global Co., Limited’s website.
  13. Customer should to use two-factor authentication instead of single password.

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