Global stocks at highest, Oil production deal agreed

21 Feb 2019
Global stocks are at its 4 months high, Crude oil jumped 1%, Brexit future glooms

Trade Talks ongoing, Trump mentioned the deadline is not a magical date, Japan export data disappoints

20 Feb 2019
Trump mentioned yesterday that the March 1st deadline is not a magical date, he said they should be focusing on whether the tariff will be raised, however, cited optimism in trade talks. Japan export data showed the steepest decline in more than 2 years

US Holiday on Monday, market tends to be quiet, but up in general

19 Feb 2019
Multiple Index close near 3-4 months high yesterday, CSI 300 and STOXX, emerging market currencies relieved

US China trade talks continue, disappointing data continue to surface

18 Feb 2019
US labour market is showing cracks, ECB said rate will remain unchanged until policy goals are met.

Retail sales data failed expectation, GDP in Germany show no growth

15 Feb 2019
A disappointing day for the markets as retails sales data in the US shocked the market which shows steepest decline in a decade, plus a no growth economy in Germany.

High Hopes on positive result on resolving trade dispute, US continues to goes up

14 Feb 2019
Trump said that the deadline for Tariff raise could be delayed if there is good ground made on trade talks

Dollar stood strong, positive news came out from the US and the trade talks.

13 Feb 2019
DXY briefly touched the highest since Dec18 last year, positive returns is seen over the past week as China came back from CNY new year break.

China came back from Lunar new year break, Asia and Europe edged higher

12 Feb 2019
China had high hopes on trade talks, plus a rush back from the holiday break, Europe followed China to open higher yesterday.

Trade talks between U.S.-China has new joiner

11 Feb 2019
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will join Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Beijing for high-level trade talks this week.

Trade talks between U.S.-China has a sizable distance

08 Feb 2019
President Trump’s top economic adviser sounded a pessimistic note about U.S.-China trade talks. ” We’ve got a pretty sizable distance to go here,”


01 Feb 2019

Fed turned Dovish, Shares in US advanced as Apple services earning surprised.

31 Jan 2019
FED finally faced the headwinds on further rate hikes, market volatility, trade dispute and balance sheet are contributing factors to it. EU is united against the British as it comes to renegotiation.

Apples Services revenue surprises, Lawmakers want to renegotiate

30 Jan 2019
Although sales revenue decrease for the quarter, Service revenue increase for Apple, shares risen after trading hours. UK parliament asked May to bring the deal back to Brussel for renegotiation.

Caterpillar missed expectation, US Parliament voting tonight

29 Jan 2019
Big week this week, FED rate decision, ECB chairman testimony, UK parliament voting. As Chinese demand weakens, it affects the global economic growth.

US Government reopens, FED rate meetings this week, Brexit Vote again tomorrow

28 Jan 2019
Big week ahead as there is Rate decision from the US, the government is reopened, though only for a certain period with set terms. UK parliament will be again looking at the deal, that May is going to propose.

EUR edged down as ECB admits slowdown, World Economic Forum remain under spot light

25 Jan 2019
Although US and China highest official are absent in the forum, Trade war between the two countries remain a big topic of the forum. US government remained shut.

British employers data show recovery rapidly

24 Jan 2019
British employers have offered staff the biggest pay rises in 10 ten years, at the low unemployment is beginning to translate into faster wage growth.

Markets focus on World Economic Forum

23 Jan 2019
Markets have spotlight on World Economic Forum, investors are waiting for top officials from the world to discuss on policy to combat gloomy economic outlook

IMF trimmed its global growth forecast

22 Jan 2019
IMF chief trimmed the economic forecast, adding a pessimistic sense on the outlook, EU meetings this week would be a big event for traders.

US Government is still on a shutdown, big week ahead for the EUR and GBP

21 Jan 2019
US job data hasn’t yet reflected the shutdown effect yet, however, the effect is immense. Plan B from May is about to rollout, it will be another volatile week for the Europeans.

US Treasury Secretary suggested rollback on tariffs

18 Jan 2019
Steven Munchin suggested a rollback on tariffs during trade talks, causing investors to hunt for risk assets again. UK is now waiting for a plan B from May next week, and her play with the Labour Party.

Labour market continued to tightened in the US. Brexit still remain uncertain

17 Jan 2019
15 FED districts reported wage gain, May narrowly won the Confidence vote and a plan B is expected early next week.

Brexit vote out, 432-202 against the deal

16 Jan 2019
UK government faces the biggest defeat in century, PM May now faces no confidence vote, government said it will be on Wednesday

Brexit vote tonight, May persuaded the house for a “second look”

15 Jan 2019
Lawmakers are due to vote for the Brexit Deal tonight, May went around to persuade the audience for a “second look”. With 2 months left until Brexit, tonight will mark an important step to the final outcome.

Quarterly earnings taking the spotlight

14 Jan 2019
With quarterly earnings coming out in the US, investors will keep their eyes on whether the earnings for company is actually as bad as analyst predicted

Jobless Claim data shows strength, USD/CNH at lowest since Aug 2018.

11 Jan 2019
Jobless claim data fell more than expected last week, effect of US government shutdown may show effect later on though. CNH edged up against USD yesterday, causing EM currencies index at a 5 moths high.

S&P rose for a 4 straight session, May had a symbolic win

10 Jan 2019
S&P on a 4 month longest win streak, 10% up from the 20 month low. May had a symbolic win over the finance bill amendment in case of a no deal Brexit.

S&P on 3 weeks high, Trade talk continues

09 Jan 2019
S&P rebounds from low set before Christmas, led by tech stocks. However, Chip stocks are dragging behind as Samsung release revenue cut. Trade talk continues for an unscheduled 3rd day.

Good Hopes on Trade talk, Germany industrial orders missed target

08 Jan 2019
Both China and US claimed they have good faith in reaching a deal, whilst Germany show mixed data on lower than expected industrial orders but higher retail sales.

US Closed in positive last Friday

07 Jan 2019
US survey shows strong payroll data, ISM Non-Manufacturing remains on close watch this evening

US plunged for 2%, Yield curve continues to flatten

04 Jan 2019
US market dropped due to weak forecast of Apple revenue, which spread concerns of global economic downturn

JPY soared, Apple cut revenue estimate

03 Jan 2019
USD/JPY edged down 4% in early Asian Trading, Apple cutting its revenue estimate citing weak sales in China.

US Government extend shutdown into the New year

02 Jan 2019
Democrats will take control on the House on Thursday, Trump may find it hard to seek funds for border wall

China Data Mixed

31 Dec 2018
China Survery data was mixed, though Sino US trade war optimism was seen.

US again ended in green after early plunge

28 Dec 2018
US market ended in green after a pull-back in early trading session, VIX is picking up this year, rarely making VIX futures a profitable trade

US set record daily gain

27 Dec 2018
All 3 major indices closed on an upside, with Dow gaining more than 1,000 points

Concerns on US Political issue

24 Dec 2018
Defense Secretary James Mattis has resigned. Budget deal saved Italian debt

Market remains choppy

21 Dec 2018
Broad market enters into bear territory, plus political concerns on UK house and military issues, investors should be aware.

100 days before Brexit. “Some further rate hikes” - Fed

20 Dec 2018
There are 100 days left before Brexit, PM may is going around to persuade as many backers as she can. Fed raise rates for the last time of the year and said there will be further rate hikes.

FED Rate Hike tonight

19 Dec 2018
Market will be largely focusing on the rate hike results and outlook tonight

Europe Retail Stocks Disaster

18 Dec 2018
ASOS tumbled 40% yesterday, leading to sector wide drop

China Growth Sluggish, Focus on FED talks

17 Dec 2018
China’s Growth is starting to be affected by Trade War. Focus on Speech by FOMC this Friday

US Labour data uphold

14 Dec 2018
Jobless Claims hit 49 year low, ECB ended asset purchase

May Survived

13 Dec 2018
May Survived the No confidence vote, but work is yet to be done

Meng Released

12 Dec 2018
Canada court frees Huawei CFO on Bail. Shootings in France investigating as Terror

Vote On Hold

11 Dec 2018
May delays Brexit vote to seek EU help, GBP/USD reached 20 months low. Macron unveils steps to support workers

Yield curve inverted, US data is yet to be monitored. Brexit Judgement Day

10 Dec 2018
As last week's NFP data is lacking strength, Jereome Powell will probably seek for evidence to support rate hikes next year. Big day for Brexit tomorrow, as the parliament is ready to vote for rejecting or accepting plan for Brexit.